Jamie has been cleaning for me and my clientele for the past 10 years. I could not be more pleased with his service and attention to detail, and I cannot recommend anyone else who delivers consistent, high quality results for house cleaning. Due to the nature of my client circumstances, I am required to uphold the highest possible standards in order to facilitate showroom quality finishes and my customers frequently ask for referrals. In each case, Jamie has proven to exceed everyone's expectations and produce results that were not known to be possible. Their methods, procedures and cleaning solutions are of the highest quality and they are famous for removing the dust and dirt - not just moving it around.

Jamie is absolutely trustworthy. We have left keys and passcode for the alarm, and they have always cleaned when we were not at home. The same excellent work was done, the keys were waiting inside for us, and the house was securely locked when we returned. Surfaces feel clean and the whole house smells clean -- not perfumed or chemical-laden. I highly recommend Anacortes Clean Home and Jamie Bullock to anyone lucky enough to encounter their cleaning business.

I first hired Jamie Bullock, owner of "Anacortes Clean Home​​" to clean my house and my fathers house where I was getting married (I'm of certain age), in 2009, my husband's children stayed at home during the wedding festivities and were heard to say, "Where's the dirt? I don't see ANY!" True quote. I was quite pleased. I am happy to recommend Jamie and his service to anyone that asks. I think we are fortunate to have found him and we make a good match.

Anacortes Clean Home has cleaned our house every month for about two and a half years. We like that Jamie is conscientious, punctual, trustworthy, and a fastidious cleaner. We also apreciate that Jamie is particular about what products are used to clean with - and the attention given to my home.


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