We love to maintain relationships with our clients and become more than just a cleaning service. We want to be part of the routine that makes your life better, healthier, and cleaner. The more often we come by, the less work we have to do, and the more you save – not to mention the intangible benefit of living in a spotless home!

In all the rooms:

The commonality between every room in your house is that it has horizontal and vertical surfaces, a floor and walls. Where they meet - dust and dirt collect. We clean top to bottom around every room which makes us more efficient and thorough than your average cleaner.

In the kitchen:

Where you prepare your family's food ought to be the cleanest place in your house, but for many people we find that it's not the case. Using effective cleaning products, and our knowledge of how to clean - we can help keep you and your family healthy!


In your bathrooms:

We know how important it is to keep bathrooms sanitized and spotless! Get ready to wear your sunglasses - from the shine we can produce for you!

residential cleaning

Our cleaning services are available for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, one time cleaning, and  move-in/move-out.


deep cleaning

We have an efficient and effective cleaning system that will make your home look and feel spotless!

We're ready to make your home the cleanest it's ever been!

Do you remember how exciting it was to move into your home when it was new, fresh, and clean? Let's see if we can help you reinvigorate that feeling. We clean with a specialized and efficient system and provide all of the products and equipment. By enlisting our services, you're not only gaining a new lease on your home, but you're also removing potentially dangerous or allergy-inducing elements.

Before and after: Our customers tell us frequently that they have never seen their home look and feel cleaner! Feel the difference we can make by giving your home a thorough cleaning. Our rates are more affordable than you think!

Clean: From start to finish - we know what it takes to make your home the cleanest it's ever been! By using products that work, and having a system for highly efficient and effective cleaning, we simply produce a better level of clean! Call us today for a free estimate!

are you ready to experience clean?

Assessment: It all starts with us giving you a free estimate and creating a personalized cleaning designed specifically to meet your needs. We offer 3 tiers and 3 rates of cleaning service, (Light, Medium, and Deep.) 

more services available

home organization

Cleaning is more than just producing a deep glow within your home. Let us help you get everything in order.


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Professional House Cleaning AND Residential detailing Services



~ House Cleaning and Detailing Services ~



When you hire us for your house cleaning or maid services, you will have the most thorough, professional housekeeping services available!  There are many options for cleaning and maid services, but there is only one that stands out the BEST! Anacortes Clean Home! Our services are available weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and one time cleanings. We love to clean and want to clean for you! Contact Us today for more details and to receive your free estimate, or please fill out the Quote Form and we will respond to you quickly.